In our effort to support our community we provide a variety of services, you can find them outlined below


Newcomers social

CMM do this communication every two weeks to contact between the newcomers and the Canadian residents to let them make good relationships and friendships between both of them, also it’s great opportunity to invite guests to give them some advice and information about their new country and take experience from the other people, also we do potlucks let everyone bring especial dish from their culture to take a tour and Hear about the stories of those foods. Our goal as Community Matters Mississauga Neighbours Helping Neighbours to be a big family.

Tutoring for after school program

CMM has Tutoring class open to help students especially newcomers and low income families to do their studying and homework, also work with them for their weaknesses subjects their need help with, practice reading, writing, grammar, speaking Math, French. Time management, organization skills and memorization techniques, we have volunteers placement from schools, colleges, universities.


Citizenship Coaching & Test Preparation

CMM offering this free program because there are a lot of people fail the test when we studied the reasons for that we found the mean reason is most of them don’t understand the book or they don’t know how to studies especially the people finish their study for long time. We have a very good teachers they’ve experience, knowledge and skills to receive the information they explain the curriculum for them in 8 sessions once a week for two hours each time including practice with different way of questions for the exam.

English Café

CMM offering English Café conversation for newcomers, for everyone who has problems speak English, we try to give them good opportunity to spend good time with teacher speak English as native language skills, the benefit of this service is encourage them to talk, to be confident, to speak without be shy because all the people attend same level also help to make networks and friendships.


Income Tax

CMM do income tax every year for the newcomers and low income families to help them to do their tax without charging money.