Community Matters Mississauga

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

About Us

We are a group of residents of Mississauga, seeking to contribute to a strong neighbourhood culture by helping to build networks of relationships, to link people to others with common interest and foster exchanges of knowledge and skill. We are affiliated with Community Matters Toronto, please check them out below

Our Vision

A united community, consisting of residents and newcomers.

Welcome to Community Matters Mississauga

Newcomers are our neighbours. We here to helping them to manage their new start at a life in Canada. We all, as Canadians, should be standing beside each other in one hand, in unity as one big family. Our target is Neighbours helping Neighbours, we are working hard to support people who are in need of help, including: kids, youth, women, men, and seniors. Our services are for all communities. We are strong enough to give power to the people who need help and our power gets the most strongest when we make our neighbours happy. We promise all of our neighbours to never stop giving. Please trust us, believe in our mission, and we will provide all that you need as services, programs, workshops, events and fun.


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Rania Maatouf
Sabrina August 2018
Rania Maatouf
S.S.H August 2018
Rania Maatouf
Rania Maatouf August 2018
Ragda Nablsi
Ragda Nablsi August 2018
Huda Al-Sammarraie
Huda Al-Sammarraie August 2018